Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Josh Maron is a Memeber of the SSA,He Calls Jake on Night 6 Telling to Jake About True Mickey.His Call Ends with a Jumpscare.


"(Phone beeping 3x)um Hello!,Hello Hello,My Name is Josh,Am little in a rush,(Breath Heavily)uhhh There is a Evil Mickey Suit i think his Name is True Mickey am i Dont Know!(Breaths Heavily again)uhhh ummm!(4 Bangs can be heared)i dont have much time(Door Slam Open) AH! OH SHIT AM SCREW IT AM DI-(True Mickey's Scream)


  • Josh's Call maybe Inspired by Phone guys 4th Call
  • He is the Only one who says"oh shit" in the game
  • Josh's Corpse can be Seen on the Extra Menu inside True mickey by the human eyes on him