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This is a character based on Oswald but the difference is that he got a green hat and a hook on his right arm this was a remplace of Oswald which was terminated but due to the great similarity with oswald was discarded and left on CAM 8.


As mentioned earlier it has a great similarity with oswald the lucky rabbit but the notable difference is that it has a red pants, a hook in his right hand and that he has a green top hat, which is very small.


He will start in characters prep 2 on the table along with daisy among others, however having woken up he will go through the staff area, the meat freezer, the lounge and the office. When you enter your office quickly turn off any camera otherwise it will result in a jumpscare, but the defect is that disembodied will be in the office for the rest of the night and true mickey will enter as well.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

  • "everyone makes mistakes you know".
  • "Don't try to scream, you'll just make it worse".
  • "I feel like a broken toy, a Rotten monster".
  • "It's fun see you scared".
  • "i'm waiting the beginning of my show".


Character prep 2 ➝ Staff area ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office.


  • The hook that he got looks like a hooks of the CAM 2 "Meat freezer".
  • If you enter in the elevator to the third floor Joshwald appears in the elevator.
  • He's voice looks like Mortimer mouse.
  • The sound of his jumpscare is the same as the face.
  • There's a probably that joshwald appears in the floor 2 in cradle.



File:Joshwald.png|Joshwald The Bunny full body.