Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Joy Mouse

Joy Mouse is a character in Abondoned Discovery Island.


He starts in a random camera at Joyful night, very rarely in office. If he is at right side, the player must hide. If he is at left side, then shut camera. If at middle of your desk, then **DONT MOVE**. Failure do these steps will cause Joy Mouse to kill player, ending the night.

When moving, he will say quotes:

Bez tytułu.png

"What a JOYFUL day..."

"Celebrate with me..." "Why aren't you happy?..."

*Silent laughing*


Joy mouse has apparence of Suicide Mouse, but has a very wide smile, rip at the left side, and some blood on gloves. He mostly is crouching in cameras.


  • When monitor is already opened and Joy mouse in sudden appears in office, player will be killed INSTANTLY, making you lower your camera very often.