Kaiera is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Kaiera Is Like Roblox 2015 But Her Dress Is Dark rose


I do not know much she Behavior


  • Kaiera Is Actually Anna jojoson's Spirit Calling For Help.
  • She Won't Jumpscare You, She Is Friendly.
  • Kaiera's Voice Is A 11 Year Old Girl Named Anna jojoson But Her Voice Is Distorted And Echoed.
  • She Has A Crush On Bakemono (JUST PURE CANCER)
  • Bakemono's Page:


  • Me Kill
  • Help!!!!!
  • (crying)

Scrapped quotes, basically those that were around for a few months that I finally wanted to scrap.

  • Save Me
  • God Save me

The reason these quotes got scrapped because those were his beta quotes, plus they really didn't make any sense.

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