Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Katrina is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Katrina is like God's sister, they both have powers over the island and to take care of the toons. However, she brings disaster to the island. One day, she tried to destroy the island by creating a tsunami and make an earthquake, but was stopped by God, but not for long as she has damaged God, making her unable to stop her. Now it's up to Jake to stop her before she completely destroys this island.


She appears to be a bluish spirit with black hair and a face.


She only appears on a special night called " Disaster Night", but only if the player types in " Disaster" on the main menu and they go to Pirates Cavern and picks up a special necklace, then you go to the third floor and try to go to talk to Henry, but he's not there, but instead, you meet God. She says " Well, looks like you found her necklace. And don't worry, I won't hurt you, but instead I want to tell you about who i'm talking about. Her name is Katrina, she used to be one of the employees on the island, but she was later killed by a murderer, and it's not you, it's somebody else. She's now a spirit, me and her were like sisters, I gave life to the toon's and we gave them hope. But then, something happened, she tried to destroy the island, but I stopped her from doing so, this necklace was what I gave her, but now was removed because of her destructive behavior, now she wants revenge, so please if you see her, tell me and I will put an end to this." God then disappears. Later, you enter a secret night on Night 6 called " Disaster night". You will first see God who appears to be hurt, she will then say this " Help..... she's here.... Katrina is coming for you.... you must stop her by wearing the necklace yourself....." She then gives you the necklace and says " Use this to flash a beam back at her... now remember, she's pretty quick and can do anything to kill you.... so please... save this island from being destroyed by her... good luck... Jake......" She then disappears and Katrina appears saying " Well well well... looks like we got a human being trying to stop me... HA! I've faced tougher things like Mice. And you seem to have my necklace, that's okay, because I already got all the power I need! So good luck defeating me, human!" She then vanishes. She can appear in all cameras randomly, if you see her on camera, shut it off quickly or she will destroy it so you can't use it. If she's in the office infront of the desk, use the necklace or she will kill you. She will also make the ground shake to make it harder to move and even struck a little spark at you, paralyzing you for a few. If you manage to beat her, she will say while on the ground " No.... I can't believe you actually beat me.... no matter. I WILL destroy this Island No... you then use the necklace and it shot a green, beam at her, disintegrating her, ending her. After that, God comes back and thanks you and then you get the " Disaster-free ending"


She can appear anywhere.


  • Originally, she was gonna be planned to actually be God's sister, but was changed for unknown reasons.
  • She appears to be a really, dangerous threat.