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Kevin Micher was a employee in Disneyland, but when he got fired for strangling a child, he became a killer, first he stabbed Marisa James in the heart, next he hanged Mia Shai on a noose, then slit Michael Gray's throat, and last he killed his brother, Owen Micher by drowning him, then Kevin got what he deserved, the spirits were very angry with him killing them, he needed to hide, then he found a Mickey Mouse suit, he went in it but didn't notice that it had suit locks, he felt intense pain and suffering, and then, he died.


Killer Mouse may look like Mickey Mouse but he has red pupils and blood all over him.


"The spirits of Disney... They're coming for me..."


"I'm not insane... YOU'RE INSANE!!!"

"Why did you do this...?"


"I can't escape them... As well as YOU CAN'T ESCAPE..."


Killer Mouse/Kevin Micher is very similar to Springtrap from FNaF 3.

He can crash the game if Killer Mouse is in the Office with REALLY HAPPY WILLY.

Killer Mouse has Mickey Mouse's voice but raspy and demonic.

Sound Files

(Anyone wanna voice act for Killer Mouse?)

Killer Mouse (A.K.A Kevin Micher) In The Office
Killer Mouse (A.K.A Kevin Micher) In The Storage Room
Killer Mouse In The Lounge.png
Killer Mouse In Staff Area.png