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Killjoy is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Killjoy resembles Joy from Inside Out, but she is in a red and black color scheme, she has spikes where her arms and legs should be. She also appears to have red human like eyes in her eyesockets.


Killjoy starts in at the Pirates Caverns Entrence, she will then prepare to start making a run to the office, as there is no way of telling when she is coming. But when the player hears either one of the two doors open, it means that Killjoy has reached the office. In order to get rid of her, the player must shut down a camera to send her back to Pirate Caverns, restarting her route. Shutting off the power also works on her, but she will come back to the office after doing so. If she appears in the office while the power is off. The player must use the flashlight to send her away, failing to do all of these steps will result in a jumpscare, ending in a game over.


  • Killjoy seems to be inspired by Nightmare Oswald by Paperz, and her color scheme was inspired by Torture Mickey from a canceled FNaTI game called "FNaTI D-Day."
    • Her color scheme inspiration can be found here.
  • Although there is already a nightmare variation of Joy called Nightmare Joy by Zombiker, she is also a humanoid and a nightmare suit.
    • But this is just a coincidence, and a possible inspiration for Killjoy.
  • Killjoy means "a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others through resentful or overly sober behavior."
    • Originally, Killjoy's mechanic was appearing on any night when the player got very unlucky, but that got scrapped due to it feeling like the same mechanic used for Homicide Mouse.
  • Although her promo was never made, NowDoYourHomieShake will appreciate fan-made promos of Killjoy for him to use.