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''Hey!,I Wanna See Your Head Cut Off With My Sword!'' One Off Knight Photo-Negative Mickey's Quotes


Knight Photo-Negative Mickey Is A Fan-Made Suits In Abandoned Discovery Island


He Was Actually Photo-Negative Mickey The Knight Costume From Castle Of Illusion The Difference Of The Knight Costume It Was Have Photo-Negative Mickey's Texture And He Had A Sword


In Knight Night He Will Lying Down In Character Prep 1 Like A Normal Night,When It's 1 Am He Will Wake Up And He Will Go To Staff Area But He Need Go To Storage Room To Use His Knight Costume And His Sword, After That He Will Go To Staff Area And Then He Will Go To Meat Freezer,And Then He Will Go To Office,The Player Must Shut Off One Of The Camera, If The Player Failed To Shut Off One Of The Camera He Will Cut Your Neck With His Sword Resulting Game Over


Hey! I Want To See Your Head Cut Off With My Sword




Knight Photo-Negative Mickey's Promo

Knight Photo-Negative Mickey's Jumpscare

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