Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

LEGO (Desc)

He is known to have legos from a kid, but unfortunately it went wrong, very wrong.

.LEGO (Appearence)

He is just PNM In legos. His gang from said picture on right is his league of LEGOs.

LEGO (Behaviour)

He starts in LEGO Room on night 3, when in the office, he turns the Office "lego", he turns everything aroubd him "Lego", when he sees a suit he turns it "Lego" until he leaves, anyway shut off a camera or he will jumpscare you and turn you into "Lego", even the game over screen is "Lego".


"Why did you lego of me?"

"Step on a lego!"

"Im lego"


"i live in a world of Legos"

LEGO (Trivia)

Sometimes he turns Tom into "Lego".

He sometimes says "EVERYTHING IS LEGO!".

In Lego Room he is lying down like he's sleeping.