Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


lala is an easter egg in abandond discovery island she looks like her appearance from slendytubbies 2 and 3 exept she now has a missing ear


lala can sometimes replace dipsy(who is als o an easter egg) in pirates cavern but rather than holding a chainsaw she trys to claw jakes head open from the back were you have to run rather than cloecting the custard in the secret room she wont appear on night 4 like dipsy but she will instead appear on night 5 she will appear in the cornor off the lounge keep watching her or she will sprint through the lounge into the room and kill you if she dose go away hide under the table as she cant bend down


.she arrived on the island after tinkey winkey(another easter egg)saw the ssas boat parked on the beack off teletubby land sh him dipsy lala and po snuck into the cargo bay

.she can crawl along the roof even thougth she never dose in in the cameras

.sometimes she will start i the meat frezzer rather than the lounge if she dose you need to hide wene she turns around rather than watching her

.she is one off the 5 femals the others being purity daist photo negative mickey and po(yet again another easter egg

.in a secret cutseane she can be seen walking around dragging a green leg(you can find the reason why in the ad.i death match it also says why she has one ear)