Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Lamented Acephalous is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Lamented Acephalous resembles Acephalous, but very evidently beaten and filthy. His torso is dented, and his arms are dented, and thin in some areas. His gloves appear to be in-tact, but they are very filthy. His legs are dented in various places, and his left shoe has a part missing out of it.


Lamented Acephalous starts in the Bathroom. Once active, he will be seen standing in the center of the room. He will then move to the Meat Freezer, where he is seen in the bottom right corner. He will then enter the office, where the player must hide underneath their desk to get rid of him. Failing to do so will result in Lamented Acephalous temporarily taking away the player's ability to use their cameras. This causes the player to have a higher chance of being attacked by the other suits.


After the events of Abandoned: Discovery Island, Lamented Acephalous and all of the other suits were moved to a hidden warehouse by the SSA. Greg tasked Lisa with a week long night shift at the warehouse to keep the suits from escaping. Lisa experienced a tragic and horrifying week at the warehouse, the suits attempted to attack and kill her, and even trapped her in an underground area, where more suits attempted to kill her there. After Night 5, Lisa had enough of the suits, and burned the warehouse down, taking the suits with it and sending them to the deepest darkest depths of Hell forever.

Behavior (Warehouse)

Lamented Acephalous starts on Night 3, where he is seen in laying on the ground in Storage Room 2. When active, he will be seen standing up. He will then move to the Staff Hall, where he is seen standing to the right of the hallway. When he is in this room, It is recommended to close the industrial door in Office Entrance B. If the door is open by the time Lamented Acephalous leaves the Staff Hall, he will be permanently standing in the doorway. If Lisa attempts to close the door, Lamented Acephalous will stop the door from closing with his hand, making the door unable to be closed. This causes Lisa to be irritable to the Lamented Suits that enter the Office through Office Entrance B.

Lamented Acephalous is also a suit Lisa must avoid in the underground area of the warehouse after Night 3, along with Lamented Face. Lamented Acephalous can randomly appear in rooms, and if Lisa stays for too long, he'll attack her. Lisa can stun Lamented Acephalous by repeatedly flashing her flashlight at him to stun him in place.


  • Lamented Acephalous is the least damaged Lamented Suit.
  • Lamented Acephalous' mechanics are inspiration taken from LoganTheAlt's Lamented Willy page.