Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey is an alternative version of Photo-Negative Mickey is his heavily battered and dirty. His head is dented on the left side, and his left ear is half rotted away. His eyelids hang low to create a gloomy facial expression, and his jaw has been outstretched slightly. His body is dented in many places, and his left button has been chipped off, only leaving some pieces of it behind. His legs appear to be in-tact, but his left shoe has a hole in it, while his right one is dented severely.


Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey will start in the Janitor's Closet off camera. When he activates, he will be seen standing near the exit of the room. He will then move to the Meat Freezer, where he can be seen facing backward from the camera, near the entrance of the room. He will then move into the Lounge, where he can be seen opening the door and peering into the room. He will then enter the office, where the player must hide under their desk to get rid of him. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.


After the events of Abandoned: Discovery Island, Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey and all of the other suits were moved to a hidden warehouse by the SSA. Greg tasked Lisa with a week long night shift at the warehouse to keep the suits from escaping. Lisa experienced a tragic and horrifying week at the warehouse, the suits attempted to attack and kill her, and even trapped her in an underground area, where more suits attempted to kill her there. After Night 5, Lisa had enough of the suits, and burned the warehouse down, taking the suits with it and sending them to the deepest darkest depths of Hell forever.

Behavior (Warehouse)

Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey will start on Night 1, where he will be seen laying on the floor in Storage Room 1. When active, he will get up from the ground and stare into the camera. He will then move to Storage Room 2 where his ears can be seen by some stacked crates. He will then move to Office Entrance A, where Lisa must close the industrial door to the Office using a button on the camera system. If Lisa does not do this in-time, Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey will enter the Office. When in the office Lisa must use her camera to blind him with the flash, this will cause him to get disoriented and leave.

On Night 3 onwards, there is a chance Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey can take an alternate path to the Office. He will move from Storage Room 1 to the Shipping Dock where an open vent is seen. He will enter the Vent System, where Lisa must turn on the heat to cause Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey to back out of the vent. If Lisa does not do this in time, he will drop from the ceiling and kill her, resulting in a game over.


  • In his original design, he was supposed to have a skull inside of his head that could be seen through his eye holes. This was removed due to the creator thinking it looked distracting.
  • There was supposed to be another teaser of Lamented Photo-Negative Mickey, where it is a POV shot through his mask staring at Lisa in the office. There would be text saying "Your cameras won't fool me anymore." This means that shutting off cameras won't fool him like it used to. This teaser was not created due to the creator's lack of experience in Blender, rendering him unable to make an Office.