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Lamented willy at least found his hat but he is still very withered

Lamented willy is a torn melted and dusted version of Willy. Unlike his shade counterpart lamented Willy's top half of his face is missing completely to reveal saturated, blood shot human eyes, his mouth is stretched, beaten with many distortions, his ears are pulled and dented.

He also has his hat back but it's in terrible condition with it being torn, burnt and dusty.

His pants are long and melty, due to withering but his legs and arms appear to be the most intact with only his left leg shriveled.

There is a hole in his chest, his tail is melting, his shoes are shattered and beaten.

He also appears to hold a crowbar in his new appearance which is just the same other than, he is more dusted, his shoes are more chipped and crushed.


After the events of Abandoned: Discovery Island, Lamented Willy and all of the other suits were moved to a hidden warehouse by the SSA. Greg tasked Lisa with a week long night shift at the warehouse to keep the suits from escaping. Lisa experienced a tragic and horrifying week at the warehouse, the suits attempted to attack and kill her, and even trapped her in an underground area, where more suits attempted to kill her there. After Night 5, Lisa had enough of the suits, and burned the warehouse down, taking the suits with it and sending them to the deepest darkest depths of Hell forever.

Behavior (Warehouse) (OLD)

Lamented willy works a lot like mascot chuck from FNaCEC Rebooted as you must constantly keep an eye on him. He starts in Storage Room 2, behind a pile of crates, then he will get up when he does he will make a Wood Creaking noise. When you hear the sound cue instantly start watching him on Storage Room 2 even though you just say "Well, he is just a diversion to throw you off track...". Well, that's only 25% of the answer as he is a diversion but he is not a friendly suit, that you just need to watch because if you don't keep an eye on him for 20 seconds, he will move, he has 5 stages.

  1. Not seen.
  2. His hat and ears can be seen.
  3. Poking his head out.
  4. Emerging from behind the crates.
  5. Fully visible in the center of the room.

If you don't watch him, by then he will move to the Office Entrance A, if you attempt to close the door, the door button on the camera will strobe red and dark red with a windows error sound, making you vulnerable to most characters.


He starts in the suit Warehouse, where he can be seen in the far back of the room, then he will move to the Treasure Island Graveyard, right next to The Restless's grave, then he will go into Character Prep 2, where he can be seen pulling the window bars to enter the Staff Area, then he will go to the Staff Area, where he can be seen almost in the camera blind spot, then he goes into the Meat Freezer, where he can be seen in the far left of the room, then he will enter the Lounge and then the Office. You must shut off The Incident Room camera to get rid of him. [He is the fastest of the Laminated suits because of his long path.]

Behavior (Warehouse) (NEW)

on Night 4 to 5, he will work identical to Horace from FNaTI. The dark toons as he appears inside of a shipping container in the center of the room. He has 5 stages.

  1. Not seen.
  2. His hat can be seen outside the container.
  3. The left half of his body can be seen.
  4. His entire body is visible.
  5. Eying the vent shaft.

On his 5th stage, you must activate the sprinkler system to make him find shelter in the shipping container, but if you don't, he will climb up onto the crates and then go into the vent. The heating won't work on him, but when he enters the Office, you can see his legs dangling on the top of the office similar to how Withered Chica can get stuck in the vents in UCN. But like her Willy can get unstuck and kill you.


  • Originally he had both limbs on the right side of his body missing alongside a missing head and tail.
  • He also originally would have held open the door instead of not letting you close the door.
  • Vision willy has a 1 in 1,000 (Which is 0.1% chance), to jumpscare. Even giving you a trophy [Willy Plushie]. When you do alongside a achievement know as "Steamboat Peril".
  • He is the 2nd most intelligent Lamented suit with the 1st place being Lamented Face.