Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Lampredator is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Lampredator is one of Father's men. She used to be an ordinary Lamprey, until she was put in a lab experiment and when an incident came along, she was mutated into a Lamprey monster. She was later owned by Father.


She appears to be a mutated Lamprey. She has a big head with a round mouth with sharp teeth. Her arms are small, lamprey arm. She has no legs, so she can slither around. She also has the ability to spit out blood from her mouth.


Lampredator starts at Night 3 in the Bathroom. She will be seen slithering around through other cameras. Sometimes, she can stop and look at the camera. If the player does not look away from her, she will spit out blood, blocking the view. The stain can be removed by a rag that is guided by God. When in the Office, the player must hide or she will kill them.


Lampredator starts at Night 3 in the Bathroom, then heads to Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then the Office.


  • She is possibly the only female in Father's army.
  • She is another mutant from Father.