Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

lava mickmouse or lava mickey


How the Corrupti Incedent took several lives, Jake's pai joko , died during that incident hell. When Jake became furious and beginned to destroy the suits, accidentally hit his pai roko. In panic, tried to escape from the island when he saw that it was burning along with the suits and the staff. He runned until he found with the lagoon, where he decided to wait his fathers and Jake, if they still alive.Later, many people ran from the island, then, in the crowd that pushed joko, he fell into the lagoon hell, where he drowned lava,and no one noticed him asking for all help. After he died, he possesed a Mickey Mouse suit who fell into the lagoon along with him.


lava mickey  is based of the original mickey mouse,MickMick, except that he has got only one eye and his demonjoko textures are replaced with water. Too he looks like emerge from the hell and he has got a fire  liquid, which looks like his blood, coming out from one of his eyes, specifically the one that contains the eye and is not color inverted.


lava mickey will start in the rio lava , and he will head to the office. When he is about to enter to the office, the player will hear the water noise, which resembles to the Pirate Caverns ambience. The player needs to shut off a camera when he/she hears this noise, or else the suit will enter to the office. Once he's in the office, the player can't do anything to avoid him. If the player tries to click allow to game, he will kill the player instantly. When he moves, he will occasionally speak. He can speak one of those quotes:"Help me...""I'll fill your lungs with red demon lava.""Remember me?"

"lava man me"