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Le cringe gei (also known as "Call me Uncle Joe and I'll take over the World", yes, that's the full alt. name) is an easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is a reincarnated Toon form of Web125546 and he makes the world cringe.


He appears to be a darker version of Red Mickey from Five Nights at Red Island by Mr. Keebler poorly drawn in MS Paint with sharp teeth and blood plus red eyes and sharp fingers and sometimes appears to be the size of a titan as he takes over the world.


Le cringe gei is weird because he takes over rooms and then ruins the game with his drawings since he is actually a reincarnation of Web125546. When he goes into a room, it becomes a crappy MS Paint drawing, and if he happens to cross paths with another character, they'll become a crappy Ms Paint drawing. He takes an idiotic path to the office: Character Prep 1, then Character Prep 2, then Storage Room, then he teleports to random rooms other than the office and eventually, if the player doesn't commit suicide outside of the game from the cringe, he will enter the office. Once he does that, the player will know for sure to just destroy their computer because it's hopeless when you're still living life with that.

As he takes over the world, he will say these quotes:

"im modern"

"hello everybody"


"im the real (insert character here)"


The World


  • Le cringe gei is cringe, however, as he was made for parody purposes, he is allowed on the wiki.
  • His promo is being worked on.
  • The "Call me Uncle Joe and I'll take over the world" nickname is from a tweet that BFP Films made.
  • He wass made by Fate himself as a joke but he's not actually in the game. (Yes, even I can make fan characters for my own game)