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Legitimate Hourglass is an easter egg in A:DI


Legitimate Hourglass looks like an actual hourglass in the colors of black and white, the actual colors of Legitimate Hourglass faded away a long time ago, the reason is unknown.


New (Antagonist)

Legitmate Hourglass appears in the player's office on any night at 3:AM, watching the player from behind the sign. When he gets close to the player's desk, the player must shut off a camera, failing to do so will cause Legitimate Hourglass to summon Disembodied, Pluto, Acephalous's head, Daisy and Hourglass, disabling all of the other antagonists on the night while leaving the player defenseless because Daisy would prevent the player from shutting off the power, Acephalous's head would prevent the player from hiding, and Legitmate Hourglass would prevent the player from pulling up the monitor after failing to get rid of him, and Pluto and Disembodied will help lure in Hourglass.

Old (While he was a joke character)

Legitimate Hourglass can appear in your office, annoying the player with a loud Seinfeld theme song. To prevent this from happening, the player must shut off the cameras or he will spawn in a Steven Universe character (except big fusions from the show) and possibly Hourglass himself.


  • Legitimate Hourglass is not to be confused with Hourglass, a scrapped character from Abandoned Discovery Island.
  • His named was changed from "HOURGLASSJOKE" to Legitimate Hourglass because it fits better.
  • He was removed from newer versions due to his mechanic being too overpowered, after his new mechanic was being worked on, he was later added back into newer versions.
  • He was a joke character, until NowDoYourHomieShake made him an antagonist instead.
  • Legitmate Hourglass's mechanic is based on God's mechanic from Abandoned Discovery Island, but with a few changes.