Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He looks fine, except with one of his  arms missin  Blood leaks from his mouth.

Five Nights At Treasure Island: The Land Of Disney Behaviour

He starts in OldRoom  A before moving to forbidden Hallway, baby Bathroom,Staircase and Abandoned Hallway D Before Appearing in the office. The player needs to hide in the Backroom otherwise he will kill the player.

Abandoned Discovery Island Behaviour

He currently activates on Night baby and on, He starts in baby room floating on the chimney, Then goes to Character Prep baby floating in front of the camera, He then goes to the baby room 2 Then the Lounge before the Office, Then the Office, The player must shut off a camera in order to get rid of him, Otherwise, he will baby the player. The player must not hide under the baby bed,


anos 1 old