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"Hey Jake, it's me again, I wanted to call you and tell you that some representatives dumped a prop Lightning McQueen car from a closed Cars attraction on the island. They said that the thing was doing all sorts of weird stuff while it was put in a warehouse, headlights turning on, slowly moving despite being shut down, all kinds of stuff. So we're deciding to keep it on the pier for now whenever the representatives decide to scrap it for parts. One important detail that I was told, was that the thing only did this stuff when it wasn't being observed. So earlier this morning I came by and installed another camera at the pier so you can keep an eye on it. So please, try to keep an eye on it as often as you can, we don't want the thing damaging any property. Alright, goodnight." - Greg, Night 4

Lightning McQueen is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Lightning McQueen has a close resemblance to his film counterpart, except he is very withered. His hood has multiple cracks and holes in it, exposing his internal components. His eyes are cracked, and they have a large chunk taken out of them. His body is severely dented, and his windows are broken. Lightning McQueen's tires are destroyed, and the top-left tire is missing entirely. There is white colored graffiti on his hood and right door that says "SCRAP".


Lightning McQueen and the Pier camera both make their debut on Night 4. The player must frequently check on Lightning McQueen during the night, as he will slowly inch towards the end of the pier when he isn't being watched. Lightning McQueen does this in four phases. Lightning McQueen's movements cannot be reversed or avoided, making him a serious threat to the player. If the player sees that Lightning McQueen has completely disappeared from the pier, this indicates that he is already speeding towards the player's location at full speed. Soon after he disappears, Lightning McQueen will crash through the wall in the Office, and "jumpscare" the player, resulting in a game over.


Lightning McQueen's audio.
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  • An alternate version of Lightning McQueen has been created by Nightmare PN Minnie.
  • Lightning McQueen was intended to have voicelines, most of which were about being abandoned, and wishes to not be scrapped.
  • Lightning McQueen is not a Toon or Suit, he is an animatronic car.