Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Lillian is a fan-made easter egg in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Lillian resembles a Minnie Mouse suit with no teeth, one eye and every black part of fur is colored a very bright white.She has the name Lillian because she is supposedly the spirit of Lillian Disney (Walt Disney's wife).


Lillian starts in an unknown location but she can either be seen in the Office or the Meat Freezer hanging from a hook. If she is in the office she will be on the left side of your screen staring at you with her one eye.


  • Office
  • Meat Freezer


Lillian can also rarely speak when she enters these locations...

  • "Walt?"
  • "Walt? Honey where are you?"
  • "I'm scared Walt."
  • "Walt..."


  • Like Walt, she has no intentions of hurting you.
  • When she was alive she was found hanging in the Meat Freezer, dead.