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"Jake? Jake it's me Greg. I have some urgent information to tell you. I lost Lisa. We were exploring Pirate Caverns to find a key to that safe, and we split up to find it, she went down to the second floor, while I stayed on the upper floor. She was gone for about an hour when I started searching for her. I still can't find her, I'm scared Jake, I'm scared for me, you, and Lisa. We're calling off this investigation NOW. Finish your last two nights, and then we're packing up and getting out of here. Good luck Jake, it's only me and you now." - Greg (Night 4)

Lisa is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Lisa resembles a Showtime Mickey Mouse suit, except for its dirty, and bloodsplattered appearance. She is also covered in her own blood, especially around the hands and face. Inside of the mask, a human skull is visible through the eyes and mouth. This is the corpse of Lisa's human counterpart.


On Night 4, Lisa will be seen in the Caverns Entrance, standing behind a door that leads to the Caverns themselves (this only happens when Lisa activates). She will then move to the Staff Area, where she is seen staring into the camera. She will then move to the Meat Freezer, where she is seen facing the farthest left corner wall with her head down. From here, Lisa can either enter the Office from the Meat Freezer, or enter the Lounge where she is seen standing next to the table and sofa chair in a walking motion. She will finally move to the Office, where the player must hide underneath their desk to get rid of her, as failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • Lisa died in Pirate Caverns during an investigation, she was then stuffed in a Mickey Mouse suit by an unknown individual (Possibly Undying or Henry). She was still alive inside of the suit for three hours before she died. She couldn't call for help, or move since the suit crippled her.
  • When moving, she makes crying-like sounds.
  • Unlike others, she is a suit instead of a Toon.


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