Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"um hey jack uh... Listen: we can't find Logan and we just heard blood curdling screaming coming from the caverns. I think he's dead just... just your job, ok?" -Greg night 10


his promo

Logan is a corpse stuffed into a very withered mickey suit. most of him is unseen due to many parts of his bloody body being covered up by suit parts but the main feature is his head as It's Logan's almost fully skinned skull under the decomposing mickey head, you also might notice his more humanoid boots instead of the over-exaggerated shoes that most of the mickey suits/toons have, his left shoe does have a hole in it. Revealing the rotting humanoid foot inside


after the events of Kevin Micher's murdering spree, the ghosts of the victims then went on to make there consciousness, anger and even some of the ghosts go into Soul Trap making it a very angry killing machine but what made it even more angry was the fact that Logan tampered with the pirate caverns aquarium glass to make it shatter, Causing the incident in the Stair Well. Due to that, Soul Trap then went to the floor where Logan was at to then brutally murder him (Soul Trap snaps Logan's neck and leaves him to die in the mickey suit)


Logan begins in the caverns entrance pushing the door open then he will enter the lounge before entering the office where you must hide for 10 seconds (note: he disables slester so don't worry about dying to it) but you must be quick as his reaction time is only 1 second



  • the suit that Logan is stuffed in is going to be another character someday
  • his name is a reference to sunken wille's real name (Logan)