Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Long-Lost Disembodied is one of the antagonist on ADI

"Hey don't forget that theres a donald duck head on character prep 2. He's been abandoned since ummm 25 Years ago maybe? If he's in your office, he will creating a noise that distract any suits/toons and stealing your monitor. The best way to avoid him is hide under your desk" "Lisa on night 2(FANMADE)"


His appearance is that disembodied but his texture is dirtier than usual. His center part of his head seems cracked along with his both eyes and inside of his mouth.


He will active on night 2 and higher(Except for jeff the killer night and night 6). He will start on character prep 2 then eventually teleporting to your office. When he is on your office you must hide under your desk because he will stole your camera and making a buzzing quack noise.


  • "Buzzing quack noises"


  • Character Prep 2.
  • Office.


  • His being abandoned for 25 years is same as any Long-Lost suits.
  • He can be seen on a rare screen along with other Long-Lost suits.
  • He is only Somerandomguy38 character that you have to hide when you see it.