Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Long-Lost Impure Mouse is a fan made antagonist in ADI.


Her appearance is that impure mouse but her texture seems dirtier than usual. Her small eye socket are ripped off a bit, some of her hand and legs are broken. Some of her teeth are missing.


She will active on night 4 and higher(With exception of jeff the killer night and night 6). She will start on Storage Room then she will move to Staff Area, Meat Freezer and eventually your Office. Once she is on your office, you're dead however you can send her back to storage room by simply looking at her in camera.


  • Storage Room
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • The Office


  • "I'm.... Lonely...."
  • "Where's....Mickey?
  • "It's cold around here......"
  • "Mickey.... Are you.... In there....?"
  • "Crying"


  • The reason why she trying to find Mickey is because Minnie seems uncomfortable without mickey.
  • She is abandoned since 25 Years ago.
  • The human teeth on her mouth is because someone murdered a person then put it's teeth on the suit.
  • Her quotes have been since 4/6/2022