Long-Lost Oswald

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"Long-Lost Oswald is a Fan Made antagonist in ADI"


His appearance is that oswald but his texture is dirtier than usual just like any other "Long-Lost" Suits. His right side of his face seems very broken. This also make his right ear and right eye missing. His pants and shoe seems broken too. Hs left ear is also broken. His bottom jaw seems missing and his upper jaw seems damaged.


A Oswald plush will appear on your office, he will began on Storage Room then he will move to Staff Area, Meat Freezer and eventually Your Office. When he is on your office, you must use his plush to send him away. Jumpscare is your reward when you doesn't use the plush.


  • Storage Room.
  • Staff Area.
  • Meat Freezer.
  • Office.


  • "God.... is that you?".
  • "Where is.... God?".
  • "She's not there".
  • "Blessing..... your soul.... is a mistake".
  • "Laugh".


  • Just like Dark Oswald, he is trying to find "God".
  • A Really Rare screen showing himself with a corpse along with a blood scream.
  • His step is louder than most of the suits/toons.
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