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Lor stacutter is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island and he is original from the game kirby return to dreamland.


He will be a very fast enemy and he is one of the few characters that are not suits, apart from the only two ways to face him you have to turn off the energy and the cameras.


Its appearance is identical to that of the game except that now its color is off and does not retain its stature seen in Kirby return to Dreamland.


It will start in caverns entrance but it will not be seen until it is activated, when it is activated it will be in the center of the room and move to the next location on the roof, the reason that it reaches the ceiling is because it is The few enemies that can float. When he is in the ceiling he will enter your office, but before he enters your office he will appear a counter that has 10 seconds which will alert him that he is about to enter. You have to turn off a camera or turn off the power to not be attacked if the player fails to turn off the power or the cameras enter making a lot of noise attracting other enemies, and you can not turn off the cameras or hide under the desk if you try to turn off the Energy will be attacked instantly by 'photo negative mickey' ending the game.


  • The originally would have the playability of puppet of fnaf 2 but in the end it was changed by the one of the cameras or the power.
  • It was originally going to start in characters prep 2 but it changed pirate entrance because the ship itself is on the 3rd floor of the pirate caverns
  • He is one of the few characters that can not kill you another would be Disembodied.
  • He is the only character that does not appear in the custom night.


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