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Lost Greg is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island


Lost Greg is a humanoid but is withered around the torso area and his arm is missing and instead replaced by a muscle formation of his missing arm and has two meat hooks emerging from two of the withered spots and wears a skull-like Mickey Mouse Head but his actual head contains horns on both his skull and lower jaw and has spikes on his shoulders, two on each side.


Lost Greg starts at the meat freezer looking like he was hanged, but when he is in the Broadcasting Room, he is shown to be laying down on his stomach, when he is in Character Prep 1, he is shown to have glowing red eyes, when he is the bathroom, he would be wearing the skull-like Mickey head, and if he gets into your office, you must hide from him, failure to do so will result in him tearing your head off, causing a game over.


“Why was I left to suffer?”

”I will make you suffer just like you did me”

”I was never found, instead I ended up lost like the others”


  • Lost Greg is based on FNATI: The Lost Ones
  • Lost Greg is meant to be Greg if he was an enemy in FNATI: The Lost Ones as well as being based on it.


Lost Greg as depicted by PlushTube