Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Oh hey buddy ol' pal... we kinda have an police investigation revolving around the suits we may have to close for a week sometime eh... OH WAIT speaking of suits & investigations some of the workers & staff have reported seeing these ghastly figures of what seamed to be ghosts... I'm starting to think we accidently brought over some haunted things while we were at the island I don't know..." -Terrance (FNATI: the afterburn)


their promos

the 3 suits that didn't make it out of the discovery island fire.

  1. lost soul willy (left) he retains most of his old self but after the fire is servilely burnt (all of the lost souls look more burnt then most of the reg petrified suits) but he is missing part of his left hand and the middle finger for his right. 2 additional things to note are the fact that he has his hat (with the top part ripped off) and his elongated neck
  2. lost soul daisy (middle) she just looks like a green version of hellbound daisy, enough said
  3. lost soul mick-mick (right) LSMM took the most damage during the fire to the point where he doesn't even look like himself or even mickey for that matter as his lower half and hands are completely burnt off


they all work like the phantoms from FNaF 3 with them all doing different things

  1. willy will stroll from one side of the office to the other, simply ignore him by flipping up the monitor or looking away from him to make him go away or else he will disable your flashlight for a small amount of time
  2. daisy can appear on any camera when you flip up the monitor. Simply flip down the monitor or switch cams & she will go away. If you don't she will appear on the desk and do the same thing Petrified Donald does for a short period of time
  3. if mick-mick is in the office quickly flip up the camera or else he will break the conveyor belt button for the rest of the night


Willy after scaring you:

  1. how dare you show your face... after what you did to the island...
  2. you won't... be leaving... alive...
  3. *demonic groaning*

Daisy when she is in the office

  1. *girlish giggles*

Mick-Mick after scaring you

  1. you will burn in hell because of what you did
  2. there is no escape... not anymore
  3. you will die here...


  • unlike the rest LS willy & mick-mick really don't like the guard because the nightguard is actually a vandal that set the island on fire in the 1st place to end Disney once and for all