Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Lucid Night is a fan-made Night in Abandoned: Discovery Island that rarely appears after completing a night. After completing the full game, you can access Lucid Night via Extras.


Lucid Night does not take place in The Office, but rather a house, made out of Jake's conscience.


Lucid Night takes place in a house, therefore the locations are: Bedroom, Kitchen, Basement, Attic, Stairway, and Balcony.


The suits that appear in Lucid Night are: Lucid Photo Negative Mickey, Lucid Oswald, Lucid Desimbodied, Lucid Acephalous, and Lucid The Face.


Very rarely, after completing Lucid Night, the player will get one of three hallucinations. The hallucinations are: The Office, with Lucid The Face climbing the desk, 1 frame of Lucid Photo Negative Mickey's jumpscare, and Lucid Acephalous's full jumpscare.