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Lucid Photo Negative Mickey is a fan-made character for Abandoned: Discovery Island


Lucid Photo

Lucid Photo Negative Mickey's teaser.

Negative Mickey looks similar to his original appearance, however he is extremely melted, giving him the appearance that he is just mostly blue. He has no eyes, and his gloved hands are completely black. His right hand is missing one finger.


Lucid Photo Negative Mickey only appears on Lucid Night, a nightmare that takes place in Jake's conscience. He can appear anywhere except the closet.


If you encounter Lucid Photo Negative Mickey, quickly enter a different room, otherwise he will kill you.

Voice Lines

Lucid Photo Negative Mickey's voice is now more demonic and higher pitched.

2021 Rendition of Lucid Photo Negative Mickey by Villager8Games.

"You don't understand"

"Don't run"

"He will not find you..."


  • Lucid Photo Negative Mickey was made out of boredom