Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Lucid The Face seems to have similarities to The Face, except he is missing half of his right ear. He also has yellow blood pouring out of his left eye socket. Only his right eye socket has an eye. His body is mainly the same, except he is missing his right arm, and his pants seem bigger.


Lucid The Face only appears in Lucid Night. He will enter through the closet. If he appears in the closet, quickly close the closet door shut until you hear a bumping noise.


As stated before, Lucid The Face only appears on Lucid Night. After you hear the bumping noise, he will move onwards to the bedroom. By there you will have to knock on the bedroom door 3 times. After that, he will be inactive for the rest of the night.

Voice Lines

He has The Face's voice, except it is deeper and more low-pitched.

"You... will not escape"

"I have destroyed the spirits"

"Your next..."


*Lucid The Face was made out of boredom.

*Lucid The Face might make a comeback in Villager8's version of FNaTI.

*Lucid The Face's promo is drawn, as Villager8 is stupid and doesn't know how to use Blender.

*Lucid The Face is Villager8's Youtube profile picture.