Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Lucky Night 6 is another alternative version to Night 6, which is known for being the hardest due to Oswald's Revenge being active on this night.

How to Access the Night

Once the player enters Pirate Caverns on the 3rd night, they must go to the Office in Pirate Caverns, open the drawer, but don't take the key. They must proceed to the elevator, once they befriend The Face, they must rush back to The Office and take the key, rushing straight back to the elevator. Once on the second floor, they must go to the mannequins room, and wait. Once they arrive on the 3rd floor, they must go to Henry, but click behind him. They will now unlock a door, and be in a hallway. If the player did not befriend The Face, he will jump down from a vent, and kill them. If they did, they can proceed down the Hallway, and into a room. The room is covered with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Series) plushies, posters, and other merchandise. In the center of the room will be Oswald's Revenge, sitting down, staring at the floor. If the player waits a few seconds, he will look up at the player. The screen will then go black and they will engage in dialogue (See here for dialogue). After the dialogue, the player will be forced back to the menu. They should now have the option to enter Night 6.


The easiest strategy for this night is to not turn off the Storage Room, Character Prep 1, Character Prep 2, or Pirate Caverns Entrance cams under no circumstances. Once Oswald's Revenge leaves the room, or once the player starts the night, it is very important to find where they start, so they know how to properly defend themselves.

Once to the last 3 hours of the night that's in free roam, the player should instantly search around for all 3 plushies, once they do, it's recommended for them to camp in one area, and only move when Oswald's Revenge enters the room.