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Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Lust Cindy is a reference to a noun LustCindy; which is a tradition in A:DI.


She appears to be similar as her original counterpart Cindy, but she has none of her thighs because Candy ripped them off. She appears to be missing her arm because Candy scattered it. Also, she is missing her eyes due to Candy snatching them off. She has many rips on her appearance.


She starts over Night 6. She will enter their office on 3 AM, hiding under the desk and getting up every once in 15 seconds will make her go away. If you wait too long, she will kill you.



She will peek from the right side and bend down.


She will appear in front of your face, biting your eyes off.


She will appear standing in front of them, kneeling down and lunging at you.


  • As in one of DWF's messages, it's shown that her scream is a slower version of a moan from A Few Facts.