He is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island and It is one of those that will distract you.


She retains some traits seen in the raw deal episode with the exception that now his modeling is MikuMikuDance style specifically anime, apart from the few MMD characters that retains several features seen in the series of the loud house.


She can not be avoided, her gameplay will be like Funtime Chica in the ultimate custom night of FNAF. She will appear at random in her office specifically in front of you obviously poses to distract use our male weakness, making other enemies can attack you in what distracts you.


  • Originally it would have the gameplay to turn off the power but it was decided to change it since it is a bit repetitive.
  • She takes a minute and thirty seconds to appear in her office.
  • When she appears in your office she will say the following

do not get distracted. Your day has been fantastic. What are you looking. are you ready.


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