Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

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She is a bit of the dress of the series, only that her pants are more like a short and her hair is different having two big tails in her hair and she has the same size as Mmd Lynn loud, obviously her appearance is that way due to the design MikuMikuDance.


she is in the same camera together with Lisa, Lola and Lucy stuck to the wall Exactly camera 2, it takes to leave camera 2 since it will take 25 seconds but in camera 1 it will take 10 seconds in the camera, before it enters or appears in your office you have to hide behind the closet or if not can discover you and attack you losing the night 3.

When moving. he speaks on of these quotes

"I'm not here for make any friends..."

"I'm here for your fault..."

"This is why never make friends..."

"For what you have done..."


Cam 2 of pirate caverns and cam 1 after that he enter or looks your office to verify that you are there or not.


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