Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

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She has the appearance of the series only obviously is a model MikuMikuDance and has a star in her dress, that star looks like a demon but obviously the rest of his clothes is intact his height is the same as Mmd lynn and Mmd wool.


Lucy loud starts on camera 1 but she will teleport to any camera on the Floor two obviously not to die, you have to change the camera and it is already in the office you have to ignore it with the cameras but if you do not ignore it you will be able to screamer her together with linka loud are the only ones that make a scramer, when she looks in the cameras or office she will make some attractive poses in which where she makes those poses are cam 7 cam 1 cam 3 and the office.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

"Welcome to true hell..."

"Why are you here..."

"I will not kill you..."

"This Floor is really cold..."

"Never look at my eyes..."


She appears in all the cameras without any exception including the office She will sometimes see her eyes but this only happens in two cameras and the office, she when she appears in camera four is the only camera in which she has animation holding a reference to regan mcneil.