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MMD Negative Leni is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


She looks similar to her original counterpart, but she is designed from MMD and the fact that does not change in anything saves that their colors are negative color including her sunglasses.

Behavior 1

Your first behavior is in the Pirate Caverns, which will be on the 2nd floor, so you will not be attacked. You must hide from heya or go to the elevator and go to the 2nd floor, otherwise it will result in a jumpscare and an instantaneous game over.

Behavior 2

She will start in the Meat Freezer and if you do not observe her in time, if she will head to the Lounge and finally entering the left side of your Office, blinking the lights, the Player should dazzle her with the lamp or leni attack her, however, if you dazzle her, if you leave your office, there may be a chance that shutting down the power will send you away.


Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ Office.


  • Sometimes you will be seen in the staff area but with your normal colors this happens if you write NORMAL on the keyboard.
  • She originally started in the storage room but it was changed since it did not make sense to appear in the storage room if it appears in pirate caverns.
  • When she makes a jumpscare she will make the scream that PNMinnie makes.
  • She is one of the slowest characters being that by camera it takes 30 seconds and others take 10 or 5 seconds.


  • "Let me see you again."
  • "Then you see everybody."
  • "I'm the rest of her."
  • "Don't leave my impure life"
  • "Do you make a new realm reborn."


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