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MMD Star butterfly or Star butterfly is a antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.0 and she is based in the series Star vs The forces of evil.


MMD Star butterfly starts in Characters Prep 2 and then move in to The Office. She can also active on the second floor in Pirate Caverns.


It's appearance is a bit similar to that of the series Star vs The forces of evil, except that it's model is like those of MMD looking more like an anime girl than a costume or a drawing.


She will start in Characters Prep 2 and wake up to go kill you, she will take these locations Staff Area and Meat Freezer. When you have entered The Office, you will see in front of you a key that flashes from yellow to green, you have to touch one of these two each one has an effect.

1. If you play the yellow the night will go faster but you can not hide for 1 minutes, and those who have the gameplay to turn off the power will go even faster to attack you.

2. If you touch the green, the enemies will be slower and the humanoids will be faster, apart from the playability of turning off any camera will be disabled you should do when. But if you do not touch any of these two colors you will be attacked obtaining a game over and doing that for a whole night you can not turn off the power. Making the game rigged.


Characters Prep 2 ➝ Staff Area ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ The Office

Or this route.

Characters Prep 2 ➝ Staff Area ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The Office


  • She is another MMD character the others would be Dipper, Mabel, Lana, Lori, Lucy and Lynn.
  • She is of the characters that has another version in this case, her other versions Abandoned Star butterfly.
  • She is one of the fastest characters of Abandoned: Discovery Island game, being that it takes only 5 seconds per camera area.


  • "The only thing they did was to hurt you!"
  • "I was screaming... SCREAMING!"
  • "But nobody listened to me!"
  • "It was fun for me when I made him suffer."
  • "After everything that made me go crazy."
  • "It was fantastic when they died and they began to bleed in front of me!"
  • "Laugh"
  • "Unfortunately it was very easy, but there is still someone else, who will have the same destiny as them."