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Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter.jpg


Mad Hatter First becomes active on Night 4. His starting location is Dinning room A he stays there till" his Tea party. 2am - 3am - 4am - 5am.


Mad Hatter stays in Dinning room A and waits till' his scheduled time. when this happens flip to the Dinning room video feed and his tea party will begin. you have to do three tasks for 10 sec which include pouring tea, fixing a watch, and baking cookies, once all of the tasks have been done you are free to carry on with your night, but if you fail Hatter will give you a glare and run to your Office to kill you. you cant do anything when you fail his Tea party so don't mess up!


  • Hatters original design was going to be based on America Mcgee's Mad Hatter. but After some deciding I realized that I needed to give him something more unique so that Is when this Hatter was born.
  • Hatter was one of my favorite ones to work on due to his fun mechanic and design. when I was making him I wanted to give him a different mechanic to make him stand out from the rest which is were I came up with the tea part plus fun time foxy idea to give him a unique and difficult layout and idea.
  • Hatter is another very problematic enemy In the game due to no indication that his Tea party is beginning. not only that but also his tasks can be very difficult to manage especially when there other monsters to deal with through out the night.