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New Description

mad mickey is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6

Old Description

mad mickey is an 1 toon antagonist in night mad


super mad pn mickey



mad mickey randomly teleports around the building, before eventually making it into the Office. When he is in the Office, player must hide under the desk, mad mickey will jumpscare the playe


Becomes active no ONLY on Night mad 1 or 2  If the player survives for too long, he can be active, but off camera, and calm if the player doesn't shut off the mad room or and calm if the player doesn't shut off the Broadcasting Room camera. If the player does that, mad mickey will become enraged and smash all cameras while screaming. This makes all suits completely inactive. Then he will rush from Broadcasting Room to Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then to The Office. The player can't avoid him, nor shut off any camera, nor hide. But shutting off the power will make him return to mad room or the Broadcasting Room,surviving. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare, eventually crashing the game.


After pulling up the camera a few times, mad mickey will still be on the hell , but he will look at the player, pulling up the camera many times will result in mad mickey to actually start to come out of the hell , first his right arm, then his head, left arm, a little bit of his legs, then he's fully out, standing in the Office. If the player pulls up the camera again, or fails to hide under the desk, mad mickey jumpscare the player.


"me hidden mickey." *Laugh*

''God has abandoned me." "Abandon all hope all no ONLY enter here." "The Devil+Demon is waiting."

"This place was born of unfortunate events."


"I tried to warn you, I swear I did."


  • is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a KIGH DEMON doctor. Spooky.
  • His colors were not meant to look like mad pn mickey
  • His creator is RostislavGames
  • He is one of Greyscale Mouse's Real creations.
  • It's unknown if Appearance normal night
  • His first jumpscare screech Epic!
  • The reason why shutting off All camera won't work, since he can insta-kill you by making a the toon
  • Custom Gameplay Animation Custom Night He appears from the Cameras, Once you see him, Get off of the Camera & Turn around. He will be behind you and Once that happens Look at him as long as you can, and he will fade away like he's just an allusion. Failing to do that will result a Game Over. What's good about mad mickey is he comes out in 5 to 100% Chance of Seeing Him Active. so he will be big real rare to make him active. [Once he's active and Go's away, It will repeat again but then the % will become higher
  • He is made of......... CINNAMON!!!!!