Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Maijn More Like Majin Buu GG.

Majin is an fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Majin at 12 AM is not visible. At 1 AM, He appears in the Staff Area. At 2 AM, He appears in the Meat Freezer. At 3 AM, The power get off and you fight against Majin. Every room he enters gain different colors.


Majin's appearence is the same as MickMick. Just with different colors.


Majin appears in Nightmare Night. Which you can access pressing E + A + T. Majin's behavior is the same as True Mickey. Except the music he plays when in the Broadcasting Room is the Real Suicide Mouse song, But in demonic/slower version.


  • He's based on MickMick and Photo-Negative Mickey
  • The name 'Majin' means 'Demon' in English. and this means he's a Demon like True Mickey
  • 'Nightmare Night' is based on a Nightmare that 'El Rodriguito 2' had. In where the rooms are like in the original. The CAM layout is the one of the Remastered 1.0 as well as the cameras. The night was like Night 6 in True Ending. Except that a strange Mickey was attacking instead of True Mickey. And the song of when in the Broadcasting Room was different. Later, 'El Rodriguito 2' converted his nightmare to a game. As he's actually making the game
  • 'El Rodriguito 2' knows that MickMick's images are made by Photo Negative Mickey and used in 'Original FNaTI' and he taked credit to him. As seen in the 'Majin' promo's comment/description