Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Mateo Anderson is a human and also creator of the 3 suits Oswald based, wich also got haunted.

What is the "TMS" night?

This night can be accessed after beating the True Ending, it's labelled Night 9, but as soon as the player enters it, it's renamed to "TMS" Night. TMS are the initials of his username in steam "Two-Mat-Side".


He is just a phone guy as well, but he explains the player about the suits that will be most active on the night, Mateo is considered neutral, as he takes an Evil And Good Role on this night. Even tough, he is just calling to the guard's phone.


A phone.

(Badum... Tssss!)

Phone Call

"Eh... Hello? Hello Hello? Hey! Great to know you're there! So listen i mean, if you are still there... I've been working on a few suits, but i stopped when i suddenly realized my previous suits had the desire of killing. I transferred them to the island but they did not wanted to socialize with anyone. If you know about... About that distorted Oswald? He creeps the freak out of me, but he is blind, use that to... *Malicious laugh* Use that to Watch the cams even when he is on the office, don't worry, he is blind. About the rabbit i made based on Oswald, who was supposed to represent me, he kinda wants to be alone in the pirate caverns. So be carefull, hiding on the elevator should save you from him, hehe... Also, the classic Oswald suit... Don't let him into your office. Be carefull, watch those cams, shut off them, and treath the suits just like you would like to be treathed by them. *Silence* I forgott... This phone is broken, but i got to send you this message. So uh... Good night!"


  • Mateo is more good than bad, but he still wants to see the player die in hands of his creations.
  • In this night, only this three suits will be active, for more information, check out "Mateo the Rabbit" & "The Original" and "Classic Oswald".
  • It's believed he is connected with Distorted Mouse, since his creations are mostly connected with his other creations, excluding "Yandere Mickey".
  • Mateo is just a 13 year old skrub, but in the phone call, he sounds around 14 or 15.
  • This explains his convenient role changing.
  • Mateo Anderson is not his real name.