Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

* Overview

Mateo is a fanmade antagonist that has a striking resemblance to Oswald. He doesn't has arms and only has one ear and one full leg, the other lacking the foot.

* Behaviour

Mateo can only be found in the Pirate Caverns and he only chases the player across all of Floor 1. There is a 10% chance he replaces The Face. He is more aggressive than The Face, having the ability to jumpscare the player if they don't react fast enough. The player can encounter him in the chest room more often with the intention to delay the player in obtaining the key required in order to get the True ending or the Good ending. Moving from room to room seems to alert Mateo, this can be used to the player's advantage to attract Mateo to a specific spot to then safely enter the chest room. Mateo can jumpscare the player if they hide in the Elevator for too long. This cannot occur if the player hides in the Elevator while on the 2nd floor of the Pirate Caverns.

Mateo will occasionally speak one of the following lines when appearing in front of the player:

"It's so lonely in this place."

"If I did something wrong, please forgive me."

"Their fame was my ruin."

"Where is everyone?"

"The eyes are the window of the soul."

* Locations

Mateo will only be on Pirate caverns as an Easter egg with a 10% chance to replace The Face. He can chase the player trough the whole Floor 1 of Pirate Caverns. He also can enter the Elevator.


  • Mateo the Rabbit was Amaia's (formerly known as Doble Mateo) first ever Fan-Made Character for Abandoned: Discovery Island. The second one being The Original
  • Mateo has a connection with The Face.
  • It is believed Mateo was involved with the Corrupti Incident.
  • Mateo seems to also be connected with God/Purity, however, this isn't as strong as his connection with The Face.
  • Mateo has a higher chance to replace The Face on Pirate Caverns if the player gets "The Face"s rare screen when starting up Pirate Caverns.
  • The screech is a heavily edited and distorted noise from a very old "MLG" video.
  • Mateo shares screech with The Original.
  • Mateo is an old iteration of It's Mateo!.

* Old Voice Lines

Warning: Last audio is very loud.

Mateo's Audio