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Mater is a Fanmade character in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He looks the same as in the movie Cars, but he is melting in a few areas, he has a flat tire, he has a slight grin on his face, and his eyes are colored Red and Black.

Appearence (OLD)

He looks the same as in the movie Cars, But he is melting in some places, his eyes are black instead of white, his pupils are red instead of black, and he has a slight grin on his face.


Mater Starts In the Storage Room, Then he goes to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Then the Lounge, Then the Office, The player must shut off a camera to get rid of him, neglecting or failing will make him jumpscare the player.


  • His model is from Cars: Lightning League and the original model can be found here: https://www.models-resource.com/mobile/carslightningleague/model/28314/.
  • There is a really early version of him that can be found, which is in the gallery of himself
  • Due to Mater being a car, its most likely that he isn't a suit, but a animatronic that was in a cars ride at Discovery Island.
  • When he is in the Office and in his Promo, his eyes are glowing red.