Maxwell is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is Jake's friend and is possessed by an unknown spirit during the corrupti incident. He was with Jake when it happened. He has been haunting the island waiting to kill his victims. He also went missing during the incident.


His age is the same as Jake's. He appears to wear brown shoes, long, blue jeans, a brown buttoned shirt and has short, black hair. He also as glowing, white eyes without pupal's that shows him being possessed.


He appears on night 6 on his own night. But only if the player completes these requirements. The requirements are similar to getting the true ending except the player must pick up a note from pirates cavern on the second floor near Undying's cage that reads in bloody text " You're next Jake". You then Go to Henry and he tells you the same thing except the player ask him one more thing about who the note is from but he said it was not from one of the suits and it could be the one who killed Jake's mom and dad. On night 5 you get a phone call only if you did these requirements. The phone call starts out with screaming and stabbing noises. Then a demonic laugh is heard then Maxwell says in a creepy voice " Hello.... is it you Jake? I'm sorry were these two people your friends? Oh my... looks like it's too late. * Chuckles* Don't worry, I will let you join them in heaven! Thank you for being so dumb into making the suits kill you for what you have did! You're real lucky to survive the other nights but let's see you survive this one! And one more thing... someone is waiting for you! And that someone is me! I will be coming over tomorrow night to get you! So good luck Jake! * makes a demonic laugh then phone hangs up*. After this night, you enter night 6 when you're face to face against Maxwell. A phone call is heard and he will say " I'm here! * laughs* Now let's see if you can deal with me in the dark! You better hide from me if you want to live! Otherwise you will end up like your parents and your dear friends! I know you're the one I have to kill! Now let's have some fun shall we! He then hangs up. The player must listen for footsteps and when he's in the office, you must hide or he will kill you. At the end of the night. Purity and Undying will come to the office and confront Maxwell. She then says to Maxwell that he was the one who did this. Maxwell then confesses that he was the one who killed them because he was murdered on the island because he thinks that the suits and people here caused it. And he wants revenge. He then apologizes for what he did then the spirit leave's Maxwell's body. Maxwell then wakes up and Purity and Undying leaves as he woke up. he wanted to know what happened then Jake said it was all a dream. Then the player get's the solved ending.


Maxwell's location is unknown.


Maxwell reveals himself to be the killer of Jake's parents.

It's unknown why the spirit Possessed Maxwell.

He killed Greg and Lisa on the fifth night during the phone call.

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