As the name implies, Maxwell is a molten version of the costume of Photo Negative Mickey. He seems to have a dislocated jaw, he also has light blue shoes that seem to be withered


Maxwell will only become active if the power is shutdown on Night 6, he will be replacing Mick-Mick, but not Corruptus. Afterwards, he will be active and wandering around the island. He will appear on the right side, however he does have a chance on appearing on the left.

Maxwell is blind, but has very good hearing, so hiding in the desk is a big no-no, as it makes noise, and he will know that you are below the desk. You can check if he is in the office, but if you do it again, he will hear your flashlight click. The best way to hide from him while the power is shut off, is to stay still, he will be gone.

After the power is back on, his path will be reset back to the Character Prep 1, then moving to the Staff Area, Then to the Meat Freezer, and to the right door. Alternatively, it can go into the Lounge, then finally into the office. He is now much easier to avoid, but hiding in the desk still won't work. He will be active after every night after Night 6.

He will play audio when moving;

''I am hungry...''

"Wanna see my head come off ?"


Second Laughter


  • He was originally going to be a modified model of The Face, but was soon scrapped.
  • His model is a modified version of P.N Mickey, remade into Blender.
  • His name comes from a dead employee that possesed the suit.
  • Due to Maxwell being a ghost, he could possess other suits, but he chose to go with P.N Mickey.



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