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Melty Girl is one of the fan made antagonists and Minnie suits in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Melty Girl is a melted Minnie Mouse suit. Her mouth is melted, her dress is fully blue, but not all full because of the white spots which can be seen. Her shoes are some shoes that have a little moon on it. Her left glove is somewhat dirty and she lacks her right arm.


Melty Girl's Behavior is similar to Photo Negative Mickey, and somehow all of the other suits. She starts in Character Prep 1, laying down with Photo Negative Mickey, along with Disembodied. And then she goes to the Staff Area, standing idlely looking at the player in a creepy look. And then she goes to the Meat Freezer, Lounge and finally the office. To make her leave, simply shut off a camera. Failing to do so wiill result Melty Girl to kill the player.


  • She looks like Photo Negative Minnie's Shade.
  • She was actually made by TheDeadBody in a app called You Doodle.
  • She is another one of the female suits.
  • If there was a Mickey suit that looked like her, then he would probably be Melty Girl's Boyfriend.
  • Melty Girl's boyfriend's name is Melty Boy.