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"I-I'm slowly d-dying in-inside..." -Menschliche Maus

Menschliche Maus is an fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He has The Face model, but looks like old and he has got a red blood-similar color. He has two eyes from a human inside him.


He appears in Pirate Caverns but can rarely appear in normal nights. In Pirate Caverns, he is highly hostile, he turns your exposure meter full in two seconds, wich means that you need to be careful. He appears in most of rooms but he does very rarely. Into the normal nights, he goes from Character Prep 2 to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, The Roof and Office. Once he is there, he can kill you fastly. If you see him in the desk, fast as possible cut off the power. He can speak with a weak human voice when he is in The Office. He can say some of the following things:

  • "Let... M-me... F-free..."
  • "H-help... Me..."
  • "True s-suffering is n-not kno-own..."
  • "Hear m-me..."
  • "I-I'm slowly d-dying in-inside..."

To find him in Pirate Caverns you'll need to do some steps:

  1. Reach 3 AM of Night 3 to enter Pirate Caverns.
  2. Go and search for the key in the Tech Room, pick it up, then go to the chest that is near to the stairs and open it, but don't pick up the key in the chest.
  3. Go to Floor 3.

If you did this, he must be activated on Pirate Caverns and you'll have a bigger chance to find him on Night 6.

His Room

When you succefully activated Menschliche Maus, if you click the right side of the screen of the main room of Floor 3 (in the one that The Rat and True Mickey are thrown in the floor) You will be able to enter to the room If you enter, he will be looking down, and will fastly fill your Exposure meter. But when you enter two times, he will be staring at you. If you click a room entrance that is in the background, you will enter to another room that contains a drawer wich one can be opened.

The Drawer

If you open the drawer, you'll see papers. On the left side you will see a key, if you pick it up, you will can get a secret screen on the end of Night 6, in the one that Menschliche Maus stares the camera, indicating that he will do everything possible to kill Jake. If this screen appears, Menschliche Maus will be active in Night 8 and 9.


  • Menschliche Maus in german means "Human Mouse", wich makes reference to the worker of the SSA who is trapped inside him.
  • His eyes are looking on different sites because the person who is inside him is demi-dead.
  • The gender of the worker inside the suit is unknown, but probably is one of the workers who called you in different nights.
  • You will know when he is activated in Night 6 because the call will change to the next one: "H-hello... Don't you m-miss me, Jake? Hahahaha-ha. Y-you won't like w-what is going to ha-appen to you... Your l-little body will be t-turned into S-SHREDS, the-en you'll be s-stuffed... Like m-me! P-prepare for a nightmare f-from wich one y-you will d-do not be able to w-wake up... T-too late to s-save me... JAKE..."
  • He is based on Springtrap from FNaF 3.
  • He is The Face model, non-smoothed and modified color.
  • In a previous version, he has got human teeth. (Haven't had a image of it)
  • In the previous version, he was withered and dusty.
  • His model was "made" in Blender.