Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

WARNING: As request of the creator, PlushTube678, to use this character/OC in your FNATI or ADI fan-games, you'll need to ask for permission to the creator/owner of this character, and put the correspondent credit of the creator. Thank you for reading.


Metal Mick is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Metal Mick resembles a tall, lanky Mickey Mouse-like structure. Metal Mick is composed entirely of metal scraps, as his arms are just metal bars attached to hinges, and his legs resemble insulation pipes. His shoes are also just large metal blocks. he has long, four-fingered hands, and a strange face. His eyes are much smaller, and are spread apart. His pupils are larger and he has eyebrows.

One notable feature about Metal Mick is the door-like object on his stomach. This was a mechanic used for picking up garbage around the island, where a large claw would come out and pick up trash.

Metal Mick can also be used as a costume, but was placed into storage after some dangerous effects the suit had. It would cause cuts and scrapes on the wearer's body from the hard metal, and pointy ends. These scrapes would also soon get infected with Tetanus because of the rusted metal.


Metal Mick starts in the Caverns Entrance, then the Broadcasting Room, the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, Bathroom, Lounge, and then the Office. The only way to get rid of the clunky metal suit is to turn off the power. Neglecting to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • Caverns Entrance
  • Broadcasting Room
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Bathroom
  • Lounge
  • Office


  • When moving, the sounds of metal scraping can be heard, this is due to his rusted makeup.
  • This suit was partly based on Containment Suit.
  • His voice lines sound like they are coming from an internal voicebox.


Dialogue File
"We did not forget about'you."
"Please don't scrap me."
"You live inside of me."