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Metal The Face or Metal Distorted Mickey is a Antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks like his normal counterpart, but his whole body is metal with a light bulb inside his head


Metal face will start moving on night 4 and will make his way into the office. He will only stop moving if he ever goes into a room with a camera shut off, thus not giving him any power.

To avoid the metal face from killing the player, the player must hide under the desk or shut of the power. After the power turns back on, while the metal face is in the office he will go back to his starting location and repeats the cycle.

If the player does not hide under the desk or shut off the power not at all, the player will be jumpscared by him resulting in a game over.


Metal the face starts in the storage room and will move to the staff area, the meat freezer, the lounge and then the office.

If he does not see the player in the office he will reverse his movement starting in the meat freezer.


  • The metal face is most likely an animatronic due to the reason that he turns off when he is in a room with a camera off.
  • It is unknown how the face can move if his body is made of metal.
    • It is possible that the metal he is made of is very flexible.

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